Song of the Week: The The!

It's back! The Song of the Week! Armageddon Days Are Here by the The! Enjoy!

They're 5 miles high as the crow flies
Leavin' vapour trails against a blood red sky
Movin' in from the east toward the west
With balaclava helmets over their heads, yes!

But if you think that jesus christ is coming
Honey you've got another thing coming
If he ever finds out who's hi-jacked his name
He'll cut out his heart and turn in his grave

Islam is rising
The christians mobilising
The world is on it's elbows and knees
It's forgotten the message and worships the creeds

It's war, she cried, it's war, she cried, this is war
Drop your possessions, all you simple folk
You will fight them on the beaches in your underclothes
You will thank the good lord for raising the union jack
You'll watch the ships out of harbour
And the bodies come floating back

If the real jesus christ were to stand up today
He'd be gunned down by the c.i.a.
Oh, the lights that now burn brightest behind stained glass
Will cast the darkest shadows upon the human heart
But God didn't build himself that throne
God doesn't live in israel or rome
God belong to the yankee dollar
God doesn't plant the bombs for hezbollah
God doesn't even go to church
And God won't send us down to allah to burn
No, God will remind us what we already know
That the human race is about to reap what it's sown

The world is on it's elbows and knees
It's forgotten the message and worships the creeds
Armageddon days are here again
Busy busy here at OA... want to blog, but busy busy... as always check out our fav, Brandoland!


GM Clearly Really Hates America

GM to close more plants, cut 25,000 jobs... uh, that aint good:

General Motors Corp. expects to close more assembly and component plants over the next few years, slashing about 25,000 manufacturing jobs, as it battles high costs and shrinking market share, the company's chief executive said on Tuesday.

Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner also told the annual meeting that GM, which lost $1.1 billion in the first quarter, expects to save $2.5 billion a year from the cost-cutting measures.
And what is one of those leading 'high costs'? Hmmmm, let us think here... oh yeah: HEALTHCARE (as noted on NPR).

Here's to the folks losing their jobs... do you think top executives are giving anything up? Taking a pay in cut? In bonuses? Cutting back on their healthcare plans? Nah, we didn't think so either...


Nick Hornby Asks the Right Question

This morning on MorningSedition author Nick Hornby (a fav) asked the following (and we're paraphrasing):

"How many times have you ever come close to accidentially urinating on any 'sacred' text?"
Hmmm, gee we don't even have to think about that: NEVER.

Think about it (please?).

Mind The Gap

The folks at DailyKos take a good long look at the NY Times report on the death of the middle class and the rise of the Hyper-Rich... and the conclusion? That the gap between 'rich' and 'poor' isn't just growing but has become punitive on the middle class & poor.

The people at the top of America's money pyramid have so prospered in recent years that they have pulled far ahead of the rest of the population, an analysis of tax records and other government data by The New York Times shows. They have even left behind people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Call them the hyper-rich.

They are not just a few Croesus-like rarities. Draw a line under the top 0.1 percent of income earners - the top one-thousandth. Above that line are about 145,000 taxpayers, each with at least $1.6 million in income and often much more.

The average income for the top 0.1 percent was $3 million in 2002, the latest year for which averages are available. That number is two and a half times the $1.2 million, adjusted for inflation, that group reported in 1980. No other income group rose nearly as fast.


The Bush administration tax cuts stand to widen the gap between the hyper-rich and the rest of America. The merely rich, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, will shoulder a disproportionate share of the tax burden.

President Bush said during the third election debate last October that most of the tax cuts went to low- and middle-income Americans. In fact, most - 53 percent - will go to people with incomes in the top 10 percent over the first 15 years of the cuts, which began in 2001 and would have to be reauthorized in 2010. And more than 15 percent will go just to the top 0.1 percent, those 145,000 taxpayers.

The Times set out to create a financial portrait of the very richest Americans, how their incomes have changed over the decades and how the tax cuts will affect them. It is no secret that the gap between the rich and the poor has grown, but the extent to which the richest are leaving everyone else behind is not widely known.

Lots of stuff there... take a look and, as always, decide for yourselves.