The Hitchhikers Guide To The End of The American Century

Good lord, a comprehensive guide to the US Government's efforts Encouraging Job Flight & Benefit Reductions... this info is so depressing we can barely read it... are you up to it???

Their Master's Voice

From Daniel Gross via Sirotablog on how the Real Masters of the Republican Party (ie., 'Big Business' aka 'The Man') are stepping up the pressure on News organizations to tow the party line (the GOP line that is). Scary stuff as Morgan Stanley threatens:

"In the event that objectionable editorial coverage is planned, agency must be notified as a last-minute change may be necessary. If an issue arises after-hours or a call cannot be made, immediately cancel all Morgan Stanley ads for a minimum of 48 hours"
Does anyone else feel the chill in the air? Well we'll always have the '90s and most of the 20th century as the GOP now takes us back to the 18th century as coporations have more protections than citizens and judges (like Priscilla Owens & and Janice Rogers Brown who take money from businesses and then side with them in court and believe the New Deal - and your Social Security - are 'socialist'). It's all related folks and it promises to get really bad out there.

Repost: Why Do Creationists Hate America?

Hate to do it folks, but we here at Outsourced America are under the gun and working like fiends for "The Man"... in the meantime please enjoy one of our all-time favorite posts & visit Brandoland for some genius commentary today...

Oh Tom The Dancing Bug, truly you are a great American (don't even get us started on the 'Lucky Ducky' series that makes us cry so). This is taken from today's comic about Creationists challenging the theory that water freezes at 32 degrees. Don't laugh, because that's pretty much what they're doing. Why do they want to destroy this great country?


Does Mickey Mouse Hate America?

Disney outsourcing 1,000 info-tech jobs
Hmmm, the article doesn't say where these jobs are going...

About 1,000 information technology workers throughout The Walt Disney Co. will have their jobs outsourced, but few layoffs are expected.

Most workers would be moved into new jobs with two vendors, International Business Machines Corp. and Affiliated Computer Services Inc., after negotiations are completed this month, the company told employees Thursday. The outsourcing is planned to occur in mid-July.
That promises to be a not-so-happy 4th of July in the apparently not-so-happiest-place on earth.

Song of The Week: Jesusland!

We ♥ the Ben Folds, so he gets our Song of the Week that compliments our very visual our post below. Check it out because these folks are helping end "the American Century" a little too soon for our Patriotic tastes...

Take a walk
out the gate you go and never stop
past all the stores and wig shops
quarter in a cup for every block
and watch the buildings grow
smaller as you go

Down the tracks
beautiful McMansions on a hill
that overlook a highway
with riverboat casinos and you still
have yet to see a soul


Town to town
broadcast to each house, they drop your name
but no one knows your face
Billboards quoting things you'd never say
you hang your head and pray

for Jesusland

Miles and miles
and the sun goin' down
Pulses glow
from their homes
You're not alone
Lights come on
as you lay your weary head on their lawn

Parking lots
cracked and growing grass you see it all
from offices to farms
crosses flying high above the malls
A longer walk

through Jesusland