44%... and Climbing

Hey, looks like the economy is booming again...

India controls 44 percent of the global offshore outsourcing market for software and back-office services, with revenues of US$17.2 billion (euro14.07 billion) in the year ended March 2005, the main infotech trade body said Thursday.

As many as 400 of the Fortune 500 companies now either have their own centers in India or outsource to Indian technology firms, S. Ramadorai, chairman of National Association of Software and Services Companies, or Nasscom, told reporters in southern Bangalore city.

"While our traditional services are growing, multinational companies are also working out ways to outsource newer processes that were not outsourced before," Ramadorai said.
Oh, wait... that's in India. D'oh! Well it's not like folks here in the U.S. could have done that work anyways.


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