Why Does Maytag Hate American Workers?

Hey, look we understand the need to make a profit: nobody is in business to lose money. And we're not asking anyone to, but what we are saying is that moving jobs overseas doesn't help: you can't expect to keep a healthy market here in the States if you keep putting folks out of work...

Maytag Corp. Chief Executive Ralph Hake took harsh criticism from shareholders at the company's annual meeting in Newton, Iowa, but reaffirmed a plan that may include closing the company's flagship factory in the central Iowa town and moving the 1,200 jobs overseas.

Shareholders complained that exporting jobs is bad for Maytag's corporate image. Hake responded that moving jobs to Mexico and outsourcing agreements with Asian companies are part of the company's strategy to compete with low-cost imported appliances. "We must do more to meet fierce offshore competition," he said.
We sympathize with Maytag, but laying off folks here out of work may a short-term solution to Maytag's problems but it creates long-term problems for the rest of us and this country. Think about it.


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