Why Do Kids Hate America?

From America's favorite Coloring Book...

The number of undergraduates signing up for computer degrees is falling fast, making IBM and other tech companies worry that there soon won't be enough skilled U.S. workers to meet demand.

New enrollment in North American computer science and engineering programs has dropped four years straight, falling 10% during the 2003-04 school year from the year before, says the Computing Research Association, a trade group for computer professors.

That's because good tech jobs have been hard to find, professors say. "Students are responding to the alarming rate that the job market changed (during the dot-com bust)," says Ohio State University computer professor Stuart Zweben. "They're also concerned about offshoring of jobs."

Ironically, that could lead to more offshoring. Many low-level programming jobs have already been sent to such countries as India and China. But high-level jobs combining technical and business skills are still in the USA. That could change if there's not enough workers to fill them.
Yes, yes that is ironic... but we're Americans, we don't do irony. You're thinking of the British.

Here's the cycle: good jobs were to be had, kids started studying for them... good jobs started disappearing, kids stopped studying for them... kids stop studying, even more good jobs go away. Got that?


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Carlton Noles said...

Right on the money as a developer who can't find a job in the IT industry I am currently working as a billing clerk making let than half of what I made as a developer. In this area IT Jobs are hard to come by (thanks in no small part to Enron/Arthur Andersen (AA had their tech headquarters in Sarasota, Fl (In fact I was employed by them) And dumped 1000+ tech workers onto the streets of a small-mid sized city as a result of their malfeasance in the Enron Scandal). Thanks a lot to my former boss who no doubt still has his $$ and the other partners in the firm who still have accounting practices either on their own (by simply dissolving the partnership and keeping their clients) or with other firms. Meanwhile those of us who buted ourbutts to keep your records data and communications going are royally screwed.

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