Their Master's Voice

From Daniel Gross via Sirotablog on how the Real Masters of the Republican Party (ie., 'Big Business' aka 'The Man') are stepping up the pressure on News organizations to tow the party line (the GOP line that is). Scary stuff as Morgan Stanley threatens:

"In the event that objectionable editorial coverage is planned, agency must be notified as a last-minute change may be necessary. If an issue arises after-hours or a call cannot be made, immediately cancel all Morgan Stanley ads for a minimum of 48 hours"
Does anyone else feel the chill in the air? Well we'll always have the '90s and most of the 20th century as the GOP now takes us back to the 18th century as coporations have more protections than citizens and judges (like Priscilla Owens & and Janice Rogers Brown who take money from businesses and then side with them in court and believe the New Deal - and your Social Security - are 'socialist'). It's all related folks and it promises to get really bad out there.


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