"India Needs to Churn Out More Skilled Workers"

Hmm, that's weird: India is feeling the offshoring pinch too...

India might have achieved global IT leader status in software services despite having one of the lowest IT investment levels compared to other economies. However, it is the impending shortage of skilled IT professionals in the country which is causing deep concern to Microsoft India chairman Ravi Venkatesan. “Nasscom has estimated that there will be a deficit of 250,000 IT professionals in the country by 2008. This will result in a significant portion of offshoring work being transferred from India to countries like Philippines, China and Vietnam.” His message: There is an urgent need to create IT manpower, both in terms of quality as well as quantity.
Wow. Inida needs to invest more in education? What does that say about the U.S. where we're busy moving backwards as fast as we can?

Look folks, with regards to Evolution, the whole thing is pretty simple: Evolution is both a Fact & Theory. There is no question that Evolution happens, the questions are about how fast, what the mechanisms are and other nuances (too bad America doesn't seem to do nuance).

By "debating" this (read: undermine) opponents of Evolution are just hurting this country: if it is true that 48% of Americans believe that the judeo-christian God created this planet less than 10,000 years ago then we will no longer be able to lead the world in technological innovation in any field. You can't undermine education in one area and not expect it to harm others.

It is all connected.


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