U.S. Losing Innovation Race

Really interesting interview with Bill Gates this morning on Morning Edition. Really worth your time and effort to listen to it.

And here's why: see China & India are churning out computer programers and scientists and we're teaching our children mythology in the form of creationism (and it's latetest incarnation "intelligent design"); because we're we no longer value education (look at the rhetoric of conservatives if you don't believe me); and because we're a passive culture more consumed with consuming than we are with changes in our world. These are just a few of the many reasons that our sitution is so perilous: we're the ones everyone is gunning for and they're playing to win while we're squabbling amongst ourselves.

Education should be a National Security issue. The debt (held primarily by China & Japan) should be a National Security issue. These are things that should command our attention, not 'Gay Marriage' and knocking evolution.

There's no rule that says we must be the greatest country on earth... it's just a title and it can be taken away.


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