Sticking It To The Middle Class Once Again...

Could the good old American-throw-the-family-in-the-car-and-drive-vacation going the way of the Dodo? Well check this one out:

The idea is simple but technologically daunting -- base gas taxes on miles driven instead of on gallons of fuel bought. And advocates say the reason for such a change is also simple -- although such fuel-efficient vehicles as hot-selling hybrids pay less in gas taxes, they're still out on the nation's roads contributing to congestion and wear and tear on an aging infrastructure.
Hmmm, that's a long way from giving tax breaks for being environmentally responsible isn't it? Wait, it gets better...
A switch in the way the 18.4-cent-a-gallon federal gas tax is levied could be in the offing, making it more of a user fee than a tax. By unanimous voice vote, the Senate Finance Committee approved legislation Tuesday to establish a 15-member commission to report back within two years on ways to ensure enough tax revenue to pay for the nation's highway, bridge and public transit programs.

High on the list the panel will consider is the per-mile fee that is already the subject of a $1.25 million pilot project in Oregon that will use a special "smart'' odometer coupled with a global positioning system in every vehicle, a system invented at Oregon State University.

When the project begins later this year or early next year, every time a volunteer motorist fills up, the odometer's information will be electronically downloaded and the fee automatically added to the gas purchase price at the pump, just like today's per-gallon gas taxes. The GPS equipment tells the state when a vehicle has left Oregon, so motorists won't be charged for those miles. Oregon figures it will charge the volunteers 1.25 cents per mile in taxes.
$1.25 per mile you drive in Oregon. Hilarious (and we're not going into the Big Brother aspect of it)

Who thinks old Jeb is gonna go for this one while he's Governor of The Vacation State? (No, we can't imagine Disney will go for it)


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Carlton Noles said...

As a resident of this Mickey Mouse State I sure as hell hope not. But Jeb is a Republican Wanker so I am sure he is having wet dreams about it as I type this.


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