The Real 'Culture of Life'

The death of the Pope has us thinking about what the world would be like if folks actually practiced what they preached. We liked John Paul because even though he could be a bit conservative for our tastes, he knew what 'social justice' was all about.

Alternet breaks it down for us what a The Culture of Life Top Ten would look like...

1. Withdraw the Troops

2. Stop the Death Penalty

3. Pass Effective Gun Control Laws

4. Fund Social Services

5. Create Universal Health Care for Children

6. Research Alternative Energy

7. Investigate Prisoner Abuses

8. Support AIDS Clinics Abroad

9. Implement a Fair Guestworker Program

10. Join the International Criminal Court

Hmmmm, interesting list. The Jesuits taught us a thing or 2 about social justice and the teachings of the Catholic church so we're gonna endorse this list... Remember the Pope was firmly against the Iraq War and the Death Penalty, and after that whole shooting thing we're pretty sure he was for a certain amount of gun control.


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