Congress... Still Sticking It To Working Americans

Wow. Even the AP can't hide the pro-business-ness of the "bankruptcy bill" (more like the 'keep folks bankrupt bill')

Tens of thousands of people who want to wipe out their debts in bankruptcy court would have to work out repayment plans instead under legislation Congress approved Thursday.

A 302-126 vote by the House sent the legislation to President Bush, who is eager to sign it, the biggest rewrite of the bankruptcy code in a quarter-century. It marks the second major change in law to benefit business since Republicans increased their House and Senate majorities in last fall's elections.
That's it America: keep voting against your own self-interest and enabling these folks to doing the bidding of business and the uber-wealthy. Congress' contempt (and I don't single out Republicans since a number of Democrats have joined in) for the working class that made this country great apparently knows no bounds.

"Well at least the homos can't marry."



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