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Not the end of it, but companies may be cooling on it...

Outsourcing no more on US' hot list
NEW DELHI: You could find some clues to domestic tech firms posting only moderate growth. Outsourcing seems be losing lustre in the US as the majority of industry seems to have had a bad experience with outsourcing, and is taking a cautious approach now.

One in four companies has brought outsourced functions back in-house and nearly half have failed to see the cost savings they anticipated from outsourcing, according to a study by Deloitte Consulting.

Around 70% of the companies have had a negative experience with outsourcing projects and are now taking a more cautious approach, according to a survey of 25 large organisations, with a combined $50 billion in outsourcing contracts.
Do we think this is going to stop? No, but every little bit of $$$ that stays here helps our economy and thus our national security.


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