Why do Congressional Republicans Hate Working Americans?

Well no increase in the Minimum Wage. Thanks Rick Santorum... you enormous dick. Once again the Republicans demonstrate how much they care for Working Americans.

But it gets better, they're pushing a 'Bankruptcy' bill that would make it harder for regular, working class folks (like us) to declare bankruptcy.

Why exactly is this a problem? Well a couple of reasons...

First, it's based on a lie: working class Americans don't declare bankruptcy so they can scam credit card companies. "Poor folks" (code for blacks, hispanics, and other folks some find 'undesirable') don't do either. No, according to a study by Harvard University personal bankruptcy is usually forced on folks for one of 2 reasons: huge medical bills (even though they have medical insurance) and divorce. It has nothing to do with credit cards.

Second, the credit card and banking industry wrote this bill. Trust us, we know lots of folks, Dems & Repubs, on the Hill writing legislation and this is something this industry has been pushing for years.

Third, because it just isn't fair: rich folks and companies can take advantage of all sorts of loopholes to protect their wealth and get out of their debts (hell the Government is nice enough to even negotiate with them on penalties!), but if you're working class? Forget it.

Lots more of this on the web. We suggest GetSickGoBroke.com, ThinkProgress.org, DailyKos.com, and the Amazing Paul "The Krug" Krugman who says...

The bankruptcy bill was written by and for credit card companies, and the industry's political muscle is the reason it seems unstoppable. But the bill also fits into the broader context of what Jacob Hacker, a political scientist at Yale, calls "risk privatization": a steady erosion of the protection the government provides against personal misfortune, even as ordinary families face ever-growing economic insecurity.

The bill would make it much harder for families in distress to write off their debts and make a fresh start. Instead, many debtors would find themselves on an endless treadmill of payments.
Read, and think, for yourselves.


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