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Here? More offshoring on India's way
Well bully for India...

More than 127,000 new offshore outsourced call centre agent positions are likely to be added in India and the Philippines over the coming five years. Several outsource providers are seeing their order books filling up once again with offshore projects destined for India and the Philippines. As per the latest report by the independent market analyst, Datamonitor, both India and the Philippines will see substantial growth in call centres now that US presidential elections are out of the way allowing US and UK businesses to ramp up their offshore operations. Besides the attractions that India and the Philippines offer western firms in terms of low cost access to highly skilled call centre and back-office staff, the two markets will also demonstrate substantial growth in their domestic call centre markets, London-based call centre analyst Ryan Powell predicts. By 2009, close to 100,000 agent positions will be serving the Indian domestic market whilst the Philippines will have 21,600. The US represents the vast majority of overseas demand, followed by the UK.
Yes, and remember there was no one in the US qualified to do those jobs... oh wait: folks here get paid "too much" and then there's the matter of "benefits."

Benefits, entitlements, benefits, entitlements... do you know the difference?

And thanks to Chris & the folks at AmericaBlog for pointing out this one in the Washington Post:

Executives Cash In, Regardless of Performance. To quote Jon Stewart: "Whaa???"
High-profile meltdowns aside, it still pays to be the boss.

Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Carly Fiorina, recently muscled out of her job over lackluster performance, walked away with an exit package worth $42 million. Boeing Co.'s Harry C. Stonecipher, pushed out over an affair with a female employee, nonetheless is eligible for retirement benefits of about $600,000 per year. Franklin D. Raines bowed out under heavy pressure in December following accounting problems at Fannie Mae. But the firm says he is now owed $114,393 per month in pension benefits.

At many other corporations untouched by scandal, pay continues to climb whether performance is great, lousy or middling.


Between 1993 and 2002, total compensation paid by all public companies to their top five executives was $260 billion, according to a study by Bebchuk and Cornell University professor Yaniv Grinstein.

From 1993 to 1997, executive pay amounted to 6 percent of total corporate profit, the study said. That number increased to 10 percent of aggregate corporate profit from 1998 to 2002. At companies whose shares are part of the Standard and Poor's 500-stock index, average chief executive pay rose from $3.7 million.
Fantastic! Our CEOs are our most precious resource and should be protected, pampered and taken care of at all costs. Your pregnant wife/sister/sister-in-law (yay!) can do with a little Mercury in their diet because how else would industry pay it's CEOs?

What else did we miss? Oh yeah: GM to slash jobs up to 28%!! And what does that mean?
The automaker could cut as much as 28 percent, in certain areas, from its 38,000 U.S. white-collar workers, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday, citing "industry officials and analysts."
Actually it just means that a few more thousand mommies & daddies can spend quality time with their kids unburdened by nasty jobs and financial stability! That's GM: Strengthening American Families!

More? Sure how about how The Worst California Governor EVER has a bold new plan to take money from Dead folks! Medi-Cal proposals prompt outrage The governor wants to enact emergency rules to boost asset collections (subscription needed)
To the outrage of advocates for the elderly and disabled, the Schwarzenegger administration is trying to declare an emergency so the state can immediately start collecting more of the assets of Medi-Cal recipients after they die.
Federal law requires the state to recoup the cost of Medi-Cal benefits provided to the low-income elderly who die leaving assets, but courts have said California's collection policies are inconsistent.

Now Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger not only wants to expand the types of property the state collects, he wants to do it right away, without a public hearing.In proposed emergency regulations filed last week, officials in the Department of Health Services said they wanted to start seeking repayment from the heirs of Medi-Cal recipients who shelter their homes in life estates. Life estates allow people to transfer ownership of their houses while they are still alive.

Administration officials also said they would start demanding that heirs of Medi-Cal recipients repay the state for the cost of home-care services.

The administration also wants to charge heirs 7 percent interest on the amount owed to the state if they are unable to pay off the entire bill at once.
Now remember folks, this isn't gonna apply to the wealthy? Oh no, thanks to you that silly "death tax" is a thing of the past (maybe)... no, no this applies to the middle-class and the poor. That's right: Schwarzenegger sticking it to you after you die... but at least he can always drop a few lines from his movies when he appears in public! Man, no other governor in the US can say that! How fucking cool is Cali now??

>sigh< we can hardly take it anymore.

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