What the 'Ownership Society' Is Really All About...

And it ain't the hokey-pokey.
Bush's bridge back to 19th century
Oh this is good, very good and if you've been paying attention... well, let's just say that this is does a really good job of connecting the dots...

If you're trying to understand what George W. Bush is proposing, let us put it as clearly as we can: repealing the 20th century.

The 20th century's reforms represented an immense expansion of rights for workers, people of color, women, the elderly, the poor, the disabled, and others barely regarded as human beings at all by those in power. Moreover, the environment became a precious legacy to be protected for all Americans, not just a target for corporate plunder.
Wow. Sums it all up nicely doesn't it... now, what about this bridge the Bush wants to sell us? We'll hit some of the highlights...
Now George W. Bush seems to be launching a breathtaking offensive against the very notion that government exists to promote the common good. While Corporate America would continue to be showered with government goodies, the rest of us would be left out in the rain to fend for ourselves. Social Security: this insurance system has lifted many tens of millions of senior citizens, disabled workers, and children out of poverty since its founding 60 years ago. It is the very cornerstone of economic security for Americans, providing an expansive insurance policy for all of us. But President Bush has been declaring a looming crisis, based on very shaky assumptions, to peddle the privatization and shredding of this immensely important safety net.
More GENIUS analysis! But they forgot one thing: the wealthy. It should read: "While Corporate America & the wealthy..." Do that and the whole thing is pitch perfect.
However, simply subjecting incomes above $90,000 to the Social Security tax would take care most of any potential problem. Repeal of Bush's tax cuts for the richest 5 percent of Americans would also solve the problem. But President Bush's real aim seems to be promoting the risky privatization scheme at any cost, rather than taking small steps to protect Social Security.
BRAVO! GENIUS! YES, yes exactly right! We could "fix" whatever ails Social Security in a second with either of these... but that would hurt the wealthy and be "Class Warfare" wouldn't it? And we can't have the Middle Class fighting back now can we?

Oh so much more, and the authors are spot-on everytime, but here's the money shot:
From Bush's proposals on Social Security, health care, and our Constitutional rights, we are glimpsing what he really means by the "Ownership Society:" big corporations would own the government while hard-working, taxpaying families would be left without a safety-net, without the social-contract/social insurance programs and legal protections that make it possible for ordinary families to survive adversity and have an income at retirement that permits them to escape poverty.
Think about it...


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