Wal-Mart: The Best Press $$$ Can Buy

21 House Democrats angry over ABC news sponsorship deal with Wal-Mart
Hmmm, Wal-Mart is buying good press. There's a shocker.

Four Ohio lawmakers are among 21 Democrats in Congress crying foul over a new sponsorship deal between Wal-Mart and ABC News.

The ABC morning news segment is supposed to highlight hardworking Americans. The Congressional critics say Wal-Mart’s sponsorship is misleading because the company treats workers poorly, hires illegal immigrants and hurts small businesses.
Again, what a shocker. Here in California Wal-Mart's "We're the best business ever 'cuz we hire the poor" make us sick. Did you know that, along with McDonald's, Wal-Mart almost single-handedly surpresses wages in this country? That they're so large the warp markets? That they're like China's 5th (or 8th depending on who you talk to) largest trading partner (ahead of Russia)? Check out this article from Fast Company about how they hurt the products they sell.

Or check out this site about the 'Store Wars' from PBS on their 'Business Practices'... they're not very pretty.


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