Outsourced, Offshored, Nearshored... Dizzy

No matter what you call it, it isn't good for workers.
Is Nearshoring A Real Alternative to Offshoring?... Now this is all about saving money to increase profits, but as we always ask: when does a company's responsibiltiy to a community kick in? Isn't this just a race to the bottom?

As companies struggle to compete in today's global economy, offshoring work to other countries has emerged as a valid alternative in reducing the costs for crucial business operations. More than 75 percent of businesses are using offshoring companies to perform vital business functions — call centers, back-office operations and other strategic business operations, to name a few-to stay competitive and run efficiently. Such countries have the talent that companies desire: government-sponsored workers; Capability Maturity Model (CMM) level 5 certification; and low pay rates.
HAHAHAHA! We're sure that CMM level 5 is more important than low pay rates! HILARIOUS! (Oh and we have CMM training too)

Folks, it's about $$$. Companies that offshore/outsource/nearshore/whatever don't have to pay those workers as much, pay them benefits (particularly in countries that have universal health-care), and don't involve them in profit-sharing! Keep your eye on the ball and see if you can figure out who profits.


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