It's Official: Conservative Pundits Hate Marriage Pt II

Oh poor Charles Krauthammer. He really has gone around the bend hasn't he?

In this case, the loved ones disagree. The husband wants Terri to die; the parents do not. The Florida court gave the surrogacy to her husband, under the generally useful rule that your spouse is the most reliable diviner of your wishes: You pick your spouse and not your parents, and you have spent most of your recent years with your spouse and not your parents.

The problem is that although your spouse probably knows you best, there is no guarantee that he will not confuse his wishes with yours. Terri's spouse presents complications. He has a girlfriend, and has two kids with her. He clearly wants to marry again. And a living Terri stands in the way.
Um, this poor man's wife, for all intents and purposes, died 15 years ago. He's been fighting with her family for most of that and you begrudge him wanting a little companionship? What the hell is wrong with Krauthammer?
That is why this is a terrible case. The general rule of spousal supremacy leads you here to a thoroughly repulsive conclusion. Repulsive because in a case where there is no consensus among the loved ones, one's natural human sympathies suggest giving custody to the party committed to her staying alive and pledging to carry the burden themselves.
Ummm, no: we side with the spouse. Sorry, call us old fashioned that way.
here is no good outcome to this case. Except perhaps if Florida and the other states were to amend their laws and resolve conflicts among loved ones differently -- by granting authority not necessarily to the spouse but to whatever first-degree relative (even if in the minority) chooses life and is committed to support it. Call it Terri's law. It would help prevent our having to choose in the future between travesty and tragedy.
Oh Chuck, Chuck, Chuck... why do you hate marriage so? Marriage is where you start a new family with someone you choose. A NEW FAMILY.

You know what? We're starting to miss the old conservatives who thought that marriage, the union of a man & woman, was the foundation of society? Where did those folks go because at least they were consistent.

And Chuck? Stop bad mouthing someone you know nothing about: you've never met the man, his poor wife and it's bad form to talk about him like it's a bad episode of CSI or Law & Order.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Carlton Noles said...

I have heard a lot in the last few days in the media that is innaccurate (*gasp* imagine that). First is the idea that Terri's constitutional right to life is being violated. The constitution says no one may be deprived of life without due process. Hint to the conservative pundits, due process is what the courts provide. Second was the idea that the husband was the ONLY person to know of her wish to be allowed to die. I read an article just yesterday that stated several additional family members were aware of these wishes and heard her state them. Note to media, get it straight folks.

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