It's Official: Conservative Pundits Hate Marriage

WOW. What a night. Normally we skip the cable news networks because it's just so much garbage, but we admit that we got sucked in tonight and... it was amazing: without fail each and everyone of the so-called conservatives thought the parental relationship should trump that of a relationship with a spouse.

Again: WOW.

Pat "Much Taller In Person Than You Think" Buchanan actually thought that Bush should have federal marshalls take Terri Schaivo into custody (under what legal authority? "because it's right") and screw the husband.

Oh yeah, folks are now starting to compare Michael Schaivo, someone who tragically lost their wife 15 years ago, to Scott Peterson.

So much for the whole "respect for marriage" thing eh? Somehow we don't think letting the homos marry could hurt the institution of marriage as much as modern conservatives are.

If it weren't so tragic it would be funny.


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