Intel. What's Inside? Hate for America apparently...

States Race to Cut Taxes to Attract Intel
Reuters via Yahoo! (03.07)
Hey, at least Intel is being honest: they just don't want to pay taxes...

Intel Corp. (Nasdaq:INTC - news), the world's largest chip maker, is offering U.S. states the promise of dollars of capital investment in exchange for an overhaul of their tax laws, which it says are making the United States less competitive than other regions of the world.

The Santa Clara, California-based company is now heavily lobbying officials in Arizona and Oregon for tax cuts that could save the company tens of millions of dollars a year in property and income taxes.

At the same time, executives have begun speaking out more forcefully about the lure of China, Singapore and Malaysia, whose governments are offering free land and tax holidays to Intel to build its first Asian factory in their borders.
See they don't want to pay their taxes. Hey, we understand that: who really wants to?

But guess what? Taxes put Cops on your streets. Taxes fix the roads we drive. Taxes pay our teachers. Taxes pay to maintain our infrastructure. Taxes help support families who lose everything in disasters here and abroad. Taxes pay for body armor for our troops. Taxes PAY our troops. Taxes pay for Bush Co. to go around lobbying to Privitize Social Security. For better or worse, Taxes are our mutual commitment to each other.

It's called paying your fair share and paying them is not evil, wrong. Paying them is Patriotic. NOT paying them is UNpatriotic (FUCK YOU Grover Norquist)

And so-called "American" companies DO NOT pay their fair share. Patriotism is about more than just waving a flag or saying you love this country (and the generous tax breaks it gives you). Patriotism is about showing it.

But we digress...

Critics say Intel is playing local governments off of one another to reduce its state tax burden to virtually nothing.

"We call it the race to the bottom," said Michael Mazerov, a policy analyst at the nonpartisan Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, in Washington, D.C. "The companies have gotten very sophisticated at pitting localities against each other in a bidding war."
Oh wait, here's our favorite part:
"If we don't invest, we don't pay taxes anyway," Steven Grant, the vice president in charge of Intel's factory network, said in a recent interview.
And if we don't by your fucking computer chips you don;t get paid asshole! What a total dick!!

Please, go buy a Mac for no other reason than Steven Grant at Intel is a total fucking Jagoff and clearly has nothing but contempt for his fellow countrymen & women.

Bonus! Now this is PUBLIC info, but do 3 word Google for 'steven grant intel' and see what you turn up.


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