Plug pulled on anti-offshoring bill
RockyMountainNews.com (03.16)
Hmmm, so Colorado has decided that sending jobs its own citizens can do abroad is a good thing just 'cause it saves a few bucks...

The sponsor of a Senate bill to bar Colorado from using offshore workers to perform state services pulled the plug on the measure Tuesday after budget analysts said it would cost taxpayers $24 million.

The death of Senate Bill 23 represents the second year in a row that the bill - sponsored by Lakewood Democrat Sen. Deanna Hanna - has failed. Similar legislation has died elsewhere around the nation.
Probably because folks were too busy watching the Michael Jackson trial or 'American Idol'...

Republicans and Gov. Bill Owens attacked SB 23, charging it would force higher taxpayer costs, hamstring contractors and scare away foreign companies.

The bill was drafted to apply only to service contracts - such as call- center operations - vs. products such as computers and other hardware state agencies buy.

But critics charged the anti-outsourcing provision would affect everything from service contracts tied to state computer systems, to military operations and state telecommunications services.

Sen. Jim Dyer, R-Centennial, called the legislation's demise "healthy," saying the $24 million price tag probably was too low. "It's breathtaking to tell the taxpayers to dig into their pockets for that," he said.

Democrats and organized labor supported SB 23, saying taxpayer money shouldn't be used to send jobs offshore.

"We owe it to the people of Colorado to keep good-paying jobs in our country," Hanna said on the Senate floor.
Hmmm, so here is what I don't get: we send jobs overseas to save money, but in doing so we take away jobs that folks here could do and thus pay more in taxes... Taxes being Patriotic & American because they pay for the Military, to take care of Veterans, Schools, Cops, Firefighters, Paramedics, Roads... Not only that, but if those jobs were kept in Colorado those employed folks would be able to buy stuff off their other hard working neighbors, you know "Stuff" like Ford Trucks, Enzyte, TiVo, houses, etc., so that eventually they can either sign up with a debt consolidator (say from the ubiquitous horrible 'LowerMyBills.com' ads on the Net, Radio & TV) or get some more home financing to pay off their credit card bills.

See, that's how an economy works: you have a job » your employer pays you » you buy stuff » the folks you buy stuff now have money to buy stuff now too » maybe those folks buy stuff off your employer » your employer pays you... And all the while all of you are paying taxes to provide for the "common good"... SO you see how it starts to work right? Real circle-of-life-Disney type stuff right there. But if you ship jobs away... well, you can see how the circle starts to break down.

By the way, if you are unlucky enough to be home during the day (at least before 7) or watch some of the smaller cable channels, really start to look at the ads you're being subjected to (actually, just watch your local morning news for a few days straight and see who is paying their bills).


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