Why does Rumsfeld Hate America?

Rummy's Got a Secret:
He's hiding up to $40 billion in defense spending. Let's find it

Slate.com (02.08)
Now that is a hell of a title for an article.

SO much bad craziness involved with the new Bush budget that it is really hard to know where to start. We've already touched on the Half a Billion Dollars cut from Job Training, but as we go further down the ol' rabbit hole we get this...

Two things are striking about next year's military budget, which President Bush sent to Congress Monday. First, it's a lot larger than the published numbers show—at least $20 billion and possibly as much as $40 billion larger, not including the hidden costs of the war in Iraq—and the undercounting seems to be a deliberate ploy to make the deficit look smaller and the budget less weighed down with armaments than they really are.

Second, whatever the budget totals, tens of billions in defense spending could be slashed if the president followed the principle he laid down in his State of the Union Address last week—to "substantially reduce or eliminate" all programs that "do not fulfill essential priorities."
And we know what programs that don't "fulfill essential priorities" are don't we folks? Nope, it's tax–breaks and hand outs for the wealthy and corporations (especially defense contractors) while you—the working people of this country—get cuts in services you use and depend on.

Read the rest of the article, because it should be obvious to all involved that (a) they've left out a lot of details so no one can pin them down on things (did you hear Rummy SHREIK the other day about planning & costs and how it wasn't possible?) and (b) the gloves are off and Bush Co. is going for broke to get everything their mean little hearts have ever desired


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