Why does Gov. Owens Hate American Workers?

Offshoring bill goes to Senate
RockyMountainNews.com (02.23)
Now we don't claim to have all the solutions, but we do agree that keeping jobs here in America is better for our communities (since we're all not ├╝ber-wealthy and just can't move to bermuda). The story in Colorado...

A hotly contested bill to stop Colorado from using offshore workers to perform state services won bipartisan approval from a Senate panel yesterday, triggering sharp criticism from Gov. Bill Owens.

Over the strong objections of business groups, the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee approved the anti-outsourcing measure 5-2. Senate Bill 23 now goes to the full Senate.
'Strong opposition of business groups...' hmmm, but not workers? Well then they must be doing something right here...
Organized labor is a strong booster, arguing SB 23 would ensure taxpayer dollars are used to fund U.S. jobs rather than sent offshore to pay foreign labor.

But speaking with reporters, Owens made clear he opposes SB 23. That raises the specter the Republican governor could veto the bill if it clears both chambers of the legislature, now controlled by Democrats.

"I think it would cost Colorado taxpayers more, and I think it would jeopardize our ability to compete internationally," Owens said of the bill.

"If this causes us to have to increase costs to Colorado taxpayers because we aren't able to promote Colorado and buy things on the international market, it would be a real concern to me."
Fair enough, but wait, here's our favorite part:
Business groups - ranging from the banking industry to high-tech - lined up in the hearing room to denounce SB 23, saying it would jack up taxpayer costs and discourage foreign companies from doing business in Colorado.
Ok, so we're protecting imaginary future jobs by allowing real present jobs to leave? Got it.

Welcome to Bizzaro world. Please watch your step...
Proponents were equally adamant, denouncing the practice of U.S. jobs being sent overseas, or "offshored."

A slew of unemployed workers came forward to support the bill, saying taxpayer money should be spent on jobs here.

John Coffey, a Longmont resident who said he lost his job last year at IBM after Big Blue sent the work to Canada, said he has been unable to find a new job.

"Offshoring infringes the general well being of the state," Coffey told lawmakers.

Said Sen. Deanna Hanna, the Lakewood Democrat who sponsored the bill: "The state loses money when people are unemployed."
Wait: the state loses money when folks are unemployed? And why do these 'workers' want to keep jobs in Colorado?? Who will fill those imaginary future jobs if no one is unemployed? Don't they know they have to lose jobs to gain jobs?

>Wheee!!< business logic is fun!

These employed people are standing in the way of investment in the great state of Colorado! UnAmerican we say!


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Carlton Noles said...

Less is More
Down Is Up
Night is Day
Superman is Evil

Damn this is Bizzaro World after all.

Please keep your thoughts to yourself until the economy comes to a complete stop. Check your brain at the door your goverment will provide all relevant thought during your stay here.


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