Truth at the Washington Post?

Holes in a Web of Budget Deceit
WashingtonPost.com (02.11)
Kind of shocking. E.J. Dionne goes Krugman all over Bush Co. and the reporters too afraid to question the lies the administration puts out.

More than any of his predecessors, President Bush understands the conventions of journalism and the traditions of political debate. These require that respectful attention be paid to whatever claims the president makes. Journalists who have the temerity to question whether the claims ring true (or whether the numbers add up) can count on being pummeled as liberal ideologues, even when they are only seeking the facts.

The president's claims are thus duly reported, and most of the challenges come from the political opposition. Then the administration defends itself (as in, "administration officials dismissed the criticism as partisan carping"). Even when the most diligent and numbers-savvy budget reporters try to explain what's going on -- and bless all of them for trying -- the truth is usually lost in the cacophony of claims and counterclaims.
WOW. Can you believe that? Someone actually puts in print what everyone knows happens but never says... or at least they don't on TV where it seems it really matters. EJ, you have our thanks.

Anyways, it isn't until the very end that he says something that really caught our eye:
The whole point (and, yes, this happened in the 1980s, too) is to create deficits, followed by a "crisis," followed by demands for cuts in domestic programs, especially in those "federal outlays" for low–income people.
Yeah, go back, read that again and really think about it. Would they really manufacture a "crisis" just to get their way?

Hey, they'll fire you to save a few bucks so I wouldn't put anything past them.


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