A REAL Love Story for Valentine's Day

Outsourcing transforms India – and US business
The Business Times Asia (02.14)

The caller, in a slow, southern drawl, describes a problem he is having with his video game. A Dayton, Ohio, area code flashes on the computer screen and, 19,300 km away in India, Abhinav Majumdar puts on his fake American accent.
This always gets us: why the fake accent? If there's nothing wrong with this, and no one should feel guilty, then why go to such lengths to cover up what you're doing?

Our favorite part?
India has fast become the global centre for outsourced industries, with companies throughout America turning to India's burgeoning population of highly-educated, English speaking urban youth to perform work at a fraction of what it would cost in the US. Along the way, the companies that do the work here have learned a few tricks, like using names more familiar to Americans.

No one seems to know exactly how many jobs for US companies are being done by Indians – the most frequent estimates are anywhere from 2 to 4 per cent of computer jobs and 5 per cent of call centre jobs – but few doubt Corporate America's love affair with low–cost Indian labour will end anytime soon.
Gee, what does your hometown look like? Ours looks a little roughed up and we could probably use jobs like these... like the ones we used to have... oh.


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