Outsource Management? Why that would be Fair...

EMU investigates outsourcing
The Ann Arbor News (02.06)
Who's always first on the chopping block? Give you 3 guesses...

Faced with a steady decline in state funding that has led to budget cuts, Eastern Michigan University is studying whether to outsource food service, housing and publications to private firms, a possibility that has workers in those areas worried about their jobs.

Two consultants were hired recently to look at the options in housing and food service. They are expected to visit campus this week, said Jim Vick, vice president for student affairs.
Ooops: you probably got that one on the first try.

We really like when they hire consultants (for lots of $$$) to figure out who to fire.

Our favorite part?
Rick Clifford, president of AFSCME Local 3866, whose roughly 210 members include food service workers, said he's been fielding calls from worried workers since mid–December.

Privatizing, Clifford said, would cost jobs. "A private company may have some people stay over, but they'd reduce their salaries and give them no benefits. They'd weed out people until all they had left was temporary people making $8 an hour," Clifford said.
And Clifford would be right. Folks PRIVITIZE to "save money" and the new company has to be able to make a profit right? So who gets screwed? The worker. Just like Mr. Clifford points out.
Privatizing food service, he said, could break the local union, which has been on campus since 1968. "This is all in the name of saving money," Clifford said, "but you never hear them talk about outsourcing management. They could save money doing that."
And we'd really like to hear more of that because it reminds us of a dream we had the other night...

There is power in a Union and workers must resist the union–busting efforts and rebuild them.


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