Peace & Prosperity as 'Sabbatical'??

We had kinda given up on the Washington Post (especially after they censored the Boondocks for making fun of Condelezza Rice), but not entirely: E.J. Dionne knocks one of the park when he was brave enough to listen to Bush's inauguration address so we didn't have to (we salute you sir!)
Visions in Need of a Little Realism
Washington Post (01.21)

This is truly scary:

But Bush's description of the years before Sept. 11 was disturbing. He dismissed a decade marked by the triumph of freedom, the spread of prosperity and a modest but measurable increment of social justice as "years of relative quiet, years of repose, years of sabbatical." His next line: "And then there came a day of fire."
'Day of fire'??? No, sorry we were in DC: it was a day of planes ramming into buildings. Horrible day. Terrible day. But day of fire? Sorry, no.

Repose? Sabbatical? Put aside the fact that in the years Bush dismisses, the United States stood up, slowly and reluctantly, to be sure, for freedom in Bosnia and Kosovo and Haiti. Are years of "relative quiet" somehow inferior to an era defined by war? Is the assumption here that Americans are better off when we are embattled and less noble when we are at peace? Is this a call for unending conflict and confrontation?
Sabbatical: relating to the sabbath; a break or change from a normal routine.

There you have it: War and conflict is, apparently, our normal state. Peace & prosperity? Overated.

Remember the Onion story after the first Bush inauguration? No? Well it was Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'

Scary. Anyways, Dionne goes on to ask the important questions:

And then there is the profoundly uncomfortable question: Do we want Sept. 11 to dominate how we define ourselves indefinitely? The president seems to think so. It's not polite to say at a moment of pomp and ceremony, but defining our politics in terms of that horrific event served the president's interest and was a central reason why he was standing before us yesterday.

Think for yourselves folks, think for yourselves...


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