It isn't Outsourcing, but you should read anyways because Jeb is next in line...
'You're George Bush's brother? Good for you.': Tragedy turns to comedy as US envoys arrive The Guardian UK (01.05)

It was one of the few moments of light relief in what has otherwise been a week of heart-rending loss, ghoulish encounters with death, and heroic self-sacrifice.
The scene was Phuket town hall, which has become the polyglot headquarters of the huge international operation to recover bodies and support the survivors of last week's tsunami.


"Who are you?" asked one slightly bemused Australian consular official as the large–girthed US stranger pumped his hand.

"I'm Jeb Bush."

"Oh, are you a relative of the president?" said the interlocuter, jokingly.

"Yes I am. I am his little brother."

"Oh," came the reply. "Good for you."

To which Jeb thought to himself: "You're fucking right it's good for me you goddamn foreign nobody, because I'm next in line to be president and then you'll see how good it is for me!!"

Jeb Bush was not the only senior US official who appeared to feel awkward.

The US secretary of state, Colin Powell, came close to damaging his reputation as the Bush administration's leading diplomat when he walked into the room, strolled to the US desk, shook the hands of the people working there and then walked straight back out again. It was only when he was downstairs that an aide suggested he "might like" to meet the volunteers from some of the other countries, too. Reminded that he is part of an international relief mission, Mr Powell promptly turned on his heels once again and marched back up the stairs to belatedly press some non–American flesh.

Colin Powell: Real American Asshole. We don't care what anyone says: Powell is a dirtbag and has done little to earn anyone's respect (ever heard the name 'Mi Lai' folks?). Sorry, he has no integrity: Bush picked him because he was "bullet proof" in the media and Dick Cheney HATES him because the Republican machine wanted Powell to run in '96 and they shut down Cheney. Trust me folks, we get this from folks that know. Powell wasted whatever credibility he might have had lying to the world and letting Bush Co. send folks off to Iraq for no damn good reason other some NeoCon fantasy of free markets and a transformed Middle East (oh and they certainly transformed it).

And we stand by the Jeb as candidate in '08. Stop and think about it seriously for a moment and don't tell us that Americans don't like dynasties because that isn't even remotely true: from sports teams to politics, we seem to love 'em.


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