I think you're being lied to...

This so disturbs me that... I am sort of lost. Things are not getting better: they're gettting so much worse and the "liberal media" is sheilding you from what the rest of the world is seeing:

Photos from an incident in Tal Afar courtesy of the BBC (01.18)

This is the face of war, and I'm crushed that we're involved.

You know what? The kind of war that the we now practice is obsolete: you can repel an invader from your country, you can repel one from another country, but you cannot invade and hold a country. History and technology are now against you. Communications are too effective, and modern weapons are far too dangerous. The world is too small and folks have learned the lessons of previous 'insurgencies' and disruptive techniques. War, as we're practicing it, is obsolete or will at least lead to unintended consequences.


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