"I didn't see your name on the list"

A very good friend just told us a very, very disturbing story. his parents moved to Florida a few years ago and are life–long Democrats and would never have given money to Bush's re–election campaign... until they were forced to.

It seems her boss had no qualms about declaring his, and the company's, undying support for Bush and was tracking who had given to the campaign and how much. Well one day he said to our buddy's mom "I didn't notice your name on the list" and asked her when she was going to give.

Well I'm sure more than a few of you would say "well she didn't have to give and could have told her boss off" but when you're older, and especially in today's economy, you probably want to hold on to what you have for dear life.

Sad isn't it because I'm sure she wasn't the only person in this country intimidated in such a way. So much for a "free country" eh boys & girls?


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Carlton Noles said...

As I Live in Florida could you get some more information about the employer so I can make sure I don'y do business with them? I have heard a story similar to that a few months back. In any case it is certainly intimidation if not illegal illegal for an employer to require donations to charity let alone a political campaign.


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