Governor says no to bargaining IndyStar.com (01.11)
Not so unbelievable.

Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels canceled union contracts covering nearly 25,000 workers today, saying they stood in the way of his efforts to rapidly overhaul state government.

Daniels said he was ending bargaining rights in effect under three Democratic governors since 1990 partly to form a separate agency to handle child welfare and child support without having to consult with union officials.

Word to the wise: once folks start talking about "protecting children" you know they're up to no good.


State workers represented by three unions, including state troopers, welfare caseworkers and prison guards, will no longer be able to negotiate pay, benefits and work rules with state officials.

The unions had bargained for health care subsidies, had handled workers' job-related grievances and had protected employees' rights during disciplinary proceedings. Workers also lost seniority rights in bidding for jobs, transfers and vacation time because of Daniels' move.

What none of those folks have kids?

Union busting. Pure in simple.

Why? Because Republicans hate any institution that gives the working man (and that is anyone who takes a paycheck from another man) any modicum of power or leverage.
"It is hard to reconcile the words of our new governor on his first day in office with his actions on the second day," said Rep. Greg Porter, D-Indianapolis, the caucus' leader, said in a written statement.

"Gov. Daniels has spoken long and loud about supporting those hard-working state employees who dedicate their lives to helping the people of Indiana, but now it appears that he does not support their efforts to earn a decent wage."

Republican lawmakers were quick to praise Daniels while emphasizing his actions do not signal the beginnings of an anti–labor movement in state government.

Uh, then what do they signal? "Everyone All Skate"?

Lies and the lying liars that tell them...


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