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the Wehner Memo TalkingPointsMemo.com (01.05)
We've been trying to track down the exact memo for you (but Google has failed us) but Josh Marshall has, apparently, pulled the key parts out of the memo itself:

Let me tell you first what our plans are in terms of sequencing and political strategy. We will focus on Social Security immediately in this new year. Our strategy will probably include speeches early this month to establish an important premise: the current system is heading for an iceberg. The notion that younger workers will receive anything like the benefits they have been promised is fiction, unless significant reforms are undertaken. We need to establish in the public mind a key fiscal fact: right now we are on an unsustainable course. That reality needs to be seared into the public consciousness; it is the pre-condition to authentic reform.

As Marshall notes, this "reform" isn't about saving Social Security at all: it is about killing it outright. If Bush Co. can give a huge windfall to the Wall Street Investment firms at the same time, well that's just a bonus.

Here's Marshall's thoughts on the whole thing:
This entire debate is about ideology -- between people who believe in the benefits Social Security has brought America in the last three-quarters of a century and those who think it was a bad idea from the start. There is an honest debate to have on this point, a values debate. Only, the White House understands that the belief that Social Security was always a bad program isn't widely shared by Americans. So they have to wrap their effort in a package of lies, harnessing Americans' desire to save Social Security in their own effort to destroy it.

We trusted Bush Co. when they said Iraq was a "grave & gathering threat" and it wasn't and now American soldiers are getting killed everyday (7 today, 9 yesterday). Are these really people we want to trust with Social Security?


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