Clear Channel DJ to Indian operator: 'Listen to me you dirty rat-eater.' AlterNet (01.10)
This is disgusting. This is vile. And this is not helpful.

But this is just one of several eye-poppingly bigoted statements crammed into a short gag phone call broadcast on a Clear Channel station, Power99 FM (WUSL in Philadelphia). The "caller" (reportedly morning jock "Star"), pretends to be shopping for hair beads he saw in an infomercial.

Then, having reached an operator in India and claiming outrage at the outsourcing of American jobs, the "caller" proceeds to unleash a litany of bigotry so contrived you'd be forgiven for thinking it was actually just a mockery of juvenile talk radio gags:

"Ma'am what the 'F' would you know about an American white girl's hair?"
"listen bitch, don't get slick with the mouth! don't you get slick with me bitch!"
"Listen to me you dirty rat-eater, I'll come out there and choke the 'F' out of you! You're a filthy rat-eater! I'm calling about my American 6-year-old white girl. how dare you outsource my call! Get off the line, bitch!"

Vile. Horrible. Unamerican.

This man should be fired, but since it's ClearChannel so we're pretty sure he'll just get a promotion.


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