Bush to D.C.: You'll pay Salon.com (day pass required) (01.11)
We've talked about this before and we will again: it is simply unacceptable for Bush Co. to ask the District to pay over $11 million dollars for the 'inauguration.' The government has always covered these costs themselves and to use funds earmarked for anti-terrorism and security purposes (we refuse to call it "Homeland Security") And, as Salon.com notes:

Considering that a full 90 percent of the District's residents went to the polls on Nov. 2 in the hope that Bush would never see a second inauguration, it seems like poor form to make them pay so much for the festivities. Even members of the president's own party are taken aback: A spokesman for Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, a Virginia Republican who chairs the committee which oversees the District, called the Bush administration's position "simply not acceptable."

"'It's an unfunded mandate of the most odious kind. How can the District be asked to take funds from important homeland security projects to pay for this instead?'"

As a former resident of the District I agree. Remember folks, not only is this our capitol but it also has over 570,000 residents who are are denied representation in Congress. Whatever happened to that battle cry of "No Taxation Without Representation"? I'll tell you what: members of Congress who treat it as their own personal feifdom.


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