The Bull Moose & the Brutal Truth

Suckers BullMoose (01.17)
Oh we do so love the Bull Moose Blog. They lay out what we've been telling folks for years:

The Moose avers that the cultural war is just another way for the GOP to wage a class war.


What the President initially stated likely reveals what he really believes - that the last thing he wants is to spend precious and perhaps diminishing political capital on is a distasteful fight over gay marriage. After years of observation, the Moose has concluded that the Republican establishment does not share the passion of the religious right about divisive cultural issues.

The dirty little secret of the Republican Party is that behind closed doors the establishment has contempt for the religious right. And the GOP illuminati certainly do not leave their homes in the morning with a passion to prevent Jim from marrying John or to save a fetus from an abortionist. For instance, many have loved ones who are gay, or they may be gay themselves. The powers that be in the GOP are far more concerned about eliminating the estate tax for multimillionaires than halting the death of the unborn. Here is a thought experiment – if you really believe that the sacred institution of marriage is in dire jeopardy, would you make private social security accounts your top priority?

The GOP big wigs pay obeisance to the religious right because they provide the foot soldiers for their campaigns. The Republican establishment cynically manipulates the cultural issues because they recognize that a party that is dedicated to redistributing wealth upward has little chance of majority status. Once elected, Republicans reward the religious right with some crumbs while the real goodies are handed out to their wealthy donors and their corporate cronies.
HA HA! SUCKERS! HILARIOUS! Look kiddies, we know LOTS of folks on both sides of the aisle in DC and they've never hidden their contempt for the "religious right" as anything other than foot soldiers who scare them too. I just love it when other folks find out.

Oh, also check out Brandoland for some thoughts on Bush's latest interview...


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