Because he's Gore Vidal and you're not

People often ask why we picked "outsourcing" as the topic to blog. It's simple: the weakening of jobs is the weakening of America.

People go around saying "America is the greatest country in the World!" but they say it like they say "the Steelers/Patriots/Eagles/your-team-here is the greatest football team in the world!" Well, they're great... but only for the moment and only in light of the fact that american football is a very parochial sport played by a handful of teams in one country in the world. So, beyond being relative, it's also sort of meaningless.

YES, there are certainly many things that are great about this country. We have no doubt about that. But these things are not intrinsic to us and must be constantly re–examined to be truly understood. There are, however, also many things that are wrong and diminish the ideas this country stands for.

Back to the point at hand: we blog around the notion of 'outsourcing.' Outsourcing, where more and more work is shipped off to foreign countries that pay a fraction of wages here, is like bleeding yourself: The jobs we lose are revenues we lose because those wages are no longer taxed and multi–national companies increasingly sheild more and more of their money from being taxed.

Anyways, the other day Amy Goodman interviewed Gore Vidal on DemocracyNow and he had this to say:

AMY GOODMAN: What is your hope for the future, as President Bush inaugurated his second term with this speech?

GORE VIDAL: I don't see much future for the United States, and I put it on economic grounds. Forget moral grounds. We're far beyond any known morality, and we are embarked upon a kind of war against the rest of the world. I think that the thing that will save us, and it will probably come pretty fast, when they start monkeying around with Social Security, that will cause unrest. Meanwhile, the costs of the wars the cost of rebuilding the cities immediately after we knock them down, if we didn't knock them down, we wouldn't have to put them back up again, but that would mean that there was no work for Bechtel and for Halliburton. We are going to go broke. The dollar loses value every day. I live part of the year in Europe, which is always held against me. What a vicious thing to do, to have a house in Italy; but I also have one in Southern California. We are a declining power economically in the world, and the future now clearly belongs to China, Japan, and India. They have the population, they have the educational systems. They have the will. And they will win. And we will -- we only survive now by borrowing money from them in the form of treasury bonds which very soon we won't have enough revenue to redeem, much less service. So, I put it down to economic collapse may save the United States from its rulers.
Not sure who Gore Vidal is? Well you gotta read because he is one smart dude.

Scary times kiddies, scary times... oh and we'll through this one in for good measure: A Reign on the Wane? (registration may be required). Scary times for the dollar folks and that means scary times for us too.


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