"And then they came for the reporters..."

Reuters' U.S. Journalists Withhold Bylines, Credits to Protest Offshoring, Demands for Concessions
PRNewswire.com (01.13)
Ad people, lawyers, and reporters. Oh my. Who would have thought these folks could be offshored/outsourced/gotten rid of? The folks who stand to make money from it that's who.

U.S. journalists of Reuters Group Plc
(Nasdaq: RTRSY; LSE: RTR), working without a contract for nearly two years, are holding a one-day byline strike on Thursday to protest company managers' demands for economic concessions in current contract talks as well as their moves to export editorial jobs to low-wage countries.


"Our members provide the quality and reliability that the world has come to expect from Reuters," said New York Guild President Barry Lipton. "They are angry at their bosses' disregard for quality as they slash the company's budget, experiment with remote control journalism and refuse to offer workers a fair and decent contract."

Reuters became the first major news organization to try to cover Wall Street from India last year when editorial managers started replacing their highly skilled work force in United States and London with cheaper, far less experienced journalists in Bangalore.
"Remote control journalism." HILARIOUS. Well, we won't kick anyone when they're down.

Oh, right: the lawyers? Actually and old story (somewhere in our archives) but there was a story in the Houston Chronicle ("and the award for worst designed news website goes to...") called The offshoring trend extends to attorneys. Catchy title.

Our favorite part?
Ethical questions depend on the type of work offshored, said Matthew Powers, head of patent litigation in the Redwood Shores, Calif., office of Weil, Gotshal & Manges.

"Legal services are no different than any other services. There are some that can be commoditized, like data collection and low-level legal research," he said.

"But there are some that can never be outsourced, especially when it comes to exercising legal judgment."
You keep telling yourself that Tex, because that's just what the tech folk, the Ad folk and those reporters all thought too...


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