"And then they came for the Ad men..."

New Agency Opens Creative to India Outsourcing
MarketingVox.com (01.18)
Ho ho, the list of jobs going offshore keeps getting longer and longer...

In what should be a nightmare for many coffee–swilling, depressive, creative–blocked, sardonic creatives that lurk in the plusher offices of ad agencies, this week a group of former big agency executives will launch a new boutique that will outsource work to 15 Asia–based teams. Most major creative concepting will be done in New York offices, with the creative executions streaming out of India, according to a ClickZ piece. The use of Indian labor should make the shop, to be named Banerjee & Partners, about half as expensive as the typical American firm. The experienced traditional media teams will work on online ads, site and microsite design and email marketing as well.
Yes, we thought it was poorly written too, but the message is the same: whatever you can do, they can probably get someone to do it cheaper and, if given the time, they will.

Here's what the 'ClickZ' piece says:
An international group of veteran ad executives are expected to launch a creative agency this week, Banerjee & Partners, which will use what it calls "blended outsourcing" to provide U.S. brands with traditional and interactive services.

According to the company, it can offer services for 40 to 60 percent less because of its offices in India. Interactive offerings will include online advertising, Web site design, e–mail marketing, and landing page creation.
"Blended Outsourcing." Lovely.

"I'd like a grande 'blended outsourcing' and a scone"

Remember: if you take a paycheck from another man, you are working class.


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