And a few more jobs here...

Albany Med plans outsourcing to cut costs
TimesUnion.com (01.27)

Albany Medical Center, which for years relied on local companies, is joining a growing number of hospitals that are choosing to outsource medical transcription work to companies in India.

The change will save Albany Med about $100,000 a year and will move the center toward electronic medical records, officials said.

HyperType, the Lake George–based company that lost the contract to transcribe doctors' notes for Albany Med's clinics, said it must now cut staff.

"It'll have a severe impact," said Cyndy Ryther, owner of the 35–year–old company that employs about 200 medical transcriptionists throughout New York state.
What's a few more jobs, right? Right? Last one employed please remember to turn out the lights when you're done.


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