The Bush Campaign's TV Commercial If He Was Running Against Jesus Mad Magazine via Atrios

Hilarious. And far too true. Sorry, we come from the tradition where Social Justice and what you do in this life matters and not simply saying that "saved."

Sorry we haven't updated the site in a long time... the work situation hasn't been good for many of us. No healthcare, underemployed and busy looking for a real job. It's been tough and, to be quite honest, updating the blog has been a little depressing: we can only read so much of what we do about our situation before it just gets to us.

But we can't get discouraged. We can't let the bastards win. We have to believe that Republicans will see that this country is on a collision course with disaster, Democrats will see that it is not too late to turn things around, and the 'Undecideds' will see that they are being lied to by an administration that does not have their best interests at heart.

As always, don't believe us: read (with a critical eye towards the source and what their bias is) and think for yourselves.