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Businesses answer call of India as the east fulfils its promise The London Telegraph (6/25)

Is India becoming the world's back office provider, the global service centre for business? From call centres and claims processing to accounting and even legal operations, service jobs are migrating from the West to India by the thousand every year.

Barclays is planning to move some of its call centre operations overseas and Shell is outsourcing IT jobs to India to take advantage of lower costs.

Call centres employ an estimated 600,000 people in Britain. 50,000 jobs have already been transferred to India and another 100,000 are likely to go in the next five years.

Wait for it... wait for it...
For financial institutions the big temptation is cost reduction. Well-educated Indian workers earn only a tenth of their British counterparts.

Booya. There you go.

"Oh, here is London 'Home of the brash, outrageous and free'"... and apparently the overpayed.

Spider-Man... Outsourced? Gotham Comics (6/14)

Marvel Comics & Gotham Entertainment Group - Indian publishing licensee of Marvel Comics and the leading publisher of international comic magazines in South Asia - announces the launch of Spider-Man India.

Uh... okay, sure. Weird. You should be reading Ultimate Spider-Man anyways...