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No bad idea left behind Star-Telegram.com (2/26)
"So here we are in the middle of an outsourcing, offshoring, downsizing economy, full of temps and part-timers. The CEOs have increased their own salaries by tens of millions of dollars while cutting benefits for the workers. Burger-flippers aside, we are hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs in favor of Wal-Mart jobs -- low pay and stingy or no benefits.

So what is our only president doing about it? He's come out for a constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage."

Could I love Molly Ivins anymore than I already do?

MIT tackles hot topic HeraldTribune.com

Flight of office jobs intensifies globalisation Reuters (2/27)
"Politicians and economists agree the numbers will amount to millions of western jobs over the next 10 years."

Pushing for profits puts jobs offshore DailyCamera.com (2/28)
"Critics of offshoring say it's taking jobs away from Americans, but industry leaders are firm: They aren't going to pay dollars for a job that can be done for pennies overseas."

Still think it's about anything other than saving a few dollars? These people don't care about you or this country: they just care about their bonuses. I can't wait until it's their jobs that can be done for pennies overseas.

Hey, do you live in Jeb Bush Land (aka, Florida)? Well Mike Emmons is running for Congress on the offshoring issue. He had to train his own replacement (which I say is like having to dig your own grave).

Check him out at OutsourceCongress.org... a sentiment I can get behind!

Are you organizing folks at a grassroots level against the offshoring of American jobs?
If so drop us a line at The Outsourced American!

Wal-Mart a big giver to 2004 U.S. election MSNBC News/FT.com (2/24)
"...having doled out nearly $1.3 million to federal candidates until the end of January... with more than 220 members of the House and Senate receiving checks of $1,000 to $17,500 so far this election cycle. About 85 per cent of the money has gone to Republicans."

There's only one word for Wal-Mart: EVIL. Boycott them NOW.

Where America's white-collar jobs go: It's not just India
The Christian Science Monitor (2/26)
"India may still be the world outsourcing king... But a growing host of countries aims to knock India off its throne" Awww, Poor India... Should we send 'em some more jobs to help out?

"...there's growing global ability to attract American work. That means it may get even easier and cheaper for US firms to ship jobs overseas." I wasn't under the impression that is was that difficult to begin with.

Billionaires bounce back HoustonChronicle.com (2/27)
"All told, it was a fabulous year to be very rich"

That's really fantastic because, you know, I've really been worried about the uber-wealthy.

"The rich get richer, the poor get the picture" --Midnight Oil

Guest opinion: Loss of good jobs hits Montanans hard Billingsgazette.com (2/26)

"Despite the recent rosy news about the national economy, the fact is too many of us have been laid off or have seen friends and family bring home a pink slip because plants and mines are closing or moving overseas. And those of us who do get new jobs find that they are rarely as good as the ones we lost. Fewer manufacturing jobs mean less revenue for our schools, local business and the community. And we're not alone. The whole country has seen persistent layoffs, job losses and the resulting economic fallout for workers and our communities."

And that, my friends, is the whole thing in a nutshell. It takes a miner to say what politicians are afraid to, and what folks in business won't.

The Trade Tightrope New York Times (2/27; Registration required)
"The point is that free trade is politically viable only if it's backed by effective job creation measures and a strong domestic social safety net"

The incomparable Paul Krugman. 'Nuff said.


D'oh!! There go the jobs of the future! Drugs: Outsourcing gains highlighted The Hindu Business Line (2/26)

"Outsourcing in the area of drug discovery will not only reduce the cost of drugs being developed but also reduce the time to develop those drugs"

Uh, kinda sounds to me like they plan on experimenting on Indians and getting around drug-testing guidelines as well.

Who wants to bet drugs don't get any cheaper?


State lawmakers slam Outsourcing: Veon, McGeehan's bills would make work for state harder for companies that ship jobs overseas Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2/25)
"(PA State Rep Mike) McGeehan (of Philadelphia) said such jobs weren't going overseas "because foreign workers produce a better product or are more efficient."

"They're leaving because companies know foreign workers are cheaper to employ because they have a significantly lower standard of living and far fewer rights and protections," he said.

Tell it like it is brother Mike! And he's a Dem! Plenty of articles up at his site and we'll be doing a bit on him soon but for right now I will leave you with this from Rep. McGeehan:

“Some American corporate executives are putting increased profits and bigger bonuses before the interests of their dedicated American employees, and before the economic health of their own nation.”

I think I might be in love...

Travel Industry Outsourcing More Work AP (2/25)
"A growing number of U.S. airlines and online travel companies are outsourcing customer service jobs overseas to reduce costs..."

"Outsourcing takes the service out of customer service" ... and the jobs away from American workers.

It comes down to this: 200 jobs here and 200 jobs there may not seem like a lot, but they start to add up and if you don't replace them, communities are going to start to pay the price. Our corporate overlords may save a few bucks here and there, but the communities all over the US will lose in the long run.

In our "Across the Pond" File: Exodus of call centre jobs could be ‘catastrophe’ The Herald (2/25)
MPs on the trade and industry select committee were yesterday warned that offshoring call centre jobs from former industrial areas to cheaper overseas alternatives could be "catastrophic" for communities.

Imagine that: putting people out of work, and for not noticeable difference to the consumer, hurts communities. Shocking.

Outsourcing idea worries workers the Washington Times (2/25)
"We'll require full disclosure to the American public about how many jobs are being sent overseas, where they're going and why they're going. And companies will no longer be able to surprise their workers with a pink slip instead of a paycheck -- they will be required to give workers three months notice if their jobs are being exported offshore"

Yes, I posted this. No, I don't trust the Washington Times.

This is all well and good, but I would be happier if Kerry had a proposal for stopping these companies and protecting the benefits of American workers.

Outsourcing idea worries workers Kalamazoo Gazette via MLive.com (2/25)
"Some say it's simply financially and educationally responsible; others say it's part of a trend in the country to get rid of good-paying jobs with benefits."

... And the answer is 'B': it's part of a trend to get rid of good-paying jobs with benefits... and this is at a University!?! Not being from the mid-west I don't know anything about 'Western Michigan University' but isn't it a public institution?

Outsource This: The Dems Smell Blood BusinessWeek.com (3/1)
"With an estimated 300,000-500,000 jobs moving offshore each year and consumer confidence plunging in February, Republicans are nervous."

... As well they should be: for all their talk about 'America' and 'American values' they do very little that doesn't hurt someone who really can't afford it (after living in DC for years, with friends "on both sides of the aisle" I know way to much to be anything but a Liberal).


Bob Herbert : Outsourcing jobs is a threat to the U.S. economy International Herald Tribune (1/27)
"We can grapple with this problem now, and try to develop workable solutions. Or we can ignore this fire in the basement of the national economy until it rages out of our control."

I think "until it rages out of our control" means when it starts to threaten the wealthy because it's already raging out of control for the rest of us!

Offshore jobs move down the food chain San Jose Mercury News (2/23)
"Charge your accountant out at $80 an hour," the flier trumpets. "Pay them $8 an hour."

Still think that outsourcing is about big savings for the consumer?

Scott battles Indian BPO demons The Times of India (2/25)

Just because you're against outshoucing/offshoring, it doesn't mean that you're anti-immigrant or racist. I have no use for folks that are either.

Here's Scott's site: ITPAA.org

Treasury's Snow defends U.S. job outsourcing Forbes.com/Reuters (2/24)
"...it's good for their shareholders, it's good for their consumers and it's good for their employees," Snow said"

Yes it's good for their employees: those in other countries.

John Snow: multi-millionaire. Can we please outsource/offshore him?

Anti-offshore-outsourcing groups banding together Computerworld.com (2/24)
""you can't stop it altogether, nor are we saying that we should stop it altogether," said Sen. Christopher Dodd, (D-Conn.), a leading opponent of offshore outsourcing. But the trend toward offshoring is "so overwhelming" that "some effort to try and put the brakes on it, to slow it down, consider what we are doing" is needed."

Fair enough.

Software: Programming jobs are heading overseas by the thousands. Is there a way for the U.S. to stay on top? Business.com (3/1)
Um, maybe we could ask nicely?

This is a fairly reasonable article that, but one line really stuck me "This time, though, there's no guarantee that the next earth-shaking innovations will pop up in America"

As always, read for yourself.

Talks will focus on offshoring controversy The Daily Camera (2/24)
"We have become an expensive society, and this is the reality the country needs to get used to."
"Companies are challenged right now. Their shareholders are demanding better earnings. If they can reduce their costs, that is fairly significant"
"The key here is to get training to do the new jobs. Don't train yourself in a position that will go overseas."
That last one is my favorite! You pull the rug out from under people and then you tell them it's their fault. Brilliant. How were we all to know we should have just gone right to work at Wal-Mart and McDonald's?


Help Not Wanted NSNBC/Newsweek (March 1st issue)
"She was forced to train her foreign-born replacement before being laid off in late 2002."
I've said it before and I'll say it again: being 'forced' to train your replacement is like being forced to dig your own grave.

Theory vs. Reality The New York Times (2/23 - Registration may be required)
"One of the great achievements of the United States has been the high standard of living of the average American worker. This was the result of many long years of struggle to obtain higher wages, shorter work weeks, health and pension benefits, paid vacations, safe working conditions, a measure of job security and so on"... but say goodbye to those because they cut into management's bonuses! Welcome back to the 19th Century America!

IBM investors ask for review of pay and offshoring Forbes.com (2/23)
"IBM shareholders will vote on a proposal to require a review of how executive compensation policies could affect decisions to move jobs overseas to cheaper locations..."

You don't possibly think there could be a link do you? Do you honestly think folks at the top would put people out of work just for bigger bonuses??? You bet your ass they would.

To the IBM investors: Give 'em hell boyos!

"The selfish spirit of commerce... knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain."
--Thomas Jefferson to Larkin Smith, 1809.

(Thanks to Lou Dobbs, he had this quote on tonight's show)

Normally I'm with Atrios and believe in torturing Lou Dobbs, but tell Lou what you think by answering his Quickvote question about Outsourcing.

Outspoken, Outgunned, Outsourced The Washington Post (2/22)
"The White House announced today that it is outsourcing the work of the president's Council of Economic Advisers to India. Ramindar Prabhakesh, an economist who teaches Introductory Economics and Macroeconomics at Bangalore University, will take over as chairman. He will earn one-sixth the salary of his outsourced predecessor, N. Gregory Mankiw..."


Insensitive Outsource TomPaine.com (2/22)
"Sure, outsourcing works in theory. But theory doesn't consider the people involved"... I'm sure that Corporate America is now collectively slapping their heads exclaiming: "DAMN! We were so busy thinking about all the Money we saved that we forgot about the People! We're SO Sorry!"

We usually don't think much of Lou Dobbs, but he has been doing an interesting job with his "Exporting America" series. He also provides a list of companies who are exporting America (some might call them 'Traitors').

In the "We Keep Finding 'em File" - 1/27: Tech Workers Combat Offshoring Axis of Logic... According to the Righteous Capitalists in this article, it's possible that YOU actually CAN make too much money. Weird... I wonder how the folks at Bush Co., feel about that?


One more reason to hate Microsoft, 12/29: The White-Collar Blues (CommonDreams.org)... "An executive at Microsoft, the ultimate American success story, told his department heads last year to 'Think India,' and to "pick something to move offshore today." Think India?!? How about "Think Different" and buy a goddamn Mac!

2/21: Editorial: Economy ignorance (Madison.com, The Capitol Times)... Hmm, seems folks in Wisconsin like what John Edwards had to say about the state losing 75,000 manufacturing jobs since Bush took office. How about that? (kudos to Buzzflash!)

2/22: Newest outsourcing wave: Foreign accountants prepare Americans' tax returns (MLive.com)... " Critics say outsourcing short-shrifts U.S. accountants and exposes unwitting Americans to identity theft, which the Federal Trade Commission ranks as one of the country's fastest-growing crimes" but we'll just say that it just screws more americans!

2/22: Outsourcing trend seen 'dangerous for Buffalo' (The Buffalo News)... And it ain't too good for the rest of us either

2/22: On the way out Outsourcing of U.S. jobs strikes chord with Board of Economists (NWITimes.com)... "Outsourcing is a cancer that's eating up this country," he said. "If the jobs leave, what's taking their place? Other jobs aren't taking their place "All we're going to be doing is flipping hamburgers for each other" - Finally someone gets it!

2/22: Outsourcing An Important Issue For US Voter: Survey (The Indian Express)... because offshoring is Unamerican you silly bastards!

2/21: GE forced to allow outsourcing issue on ballot (Timesunion.com)... And that's one way to fight the good fight.

2/20: Offshore outsourcing poses privacy perils Computerworld.com... "Outsourcing jobs to offshore destinations can sharply increase data privacy risks and the complexity of managing that risk" HA HA HA! Hilarious! Cry me a river!

2/20: Outsourcing: Danger to Privacy (Wired News)... It's a danger to your job too!

2/19: Kerry, Edwards make outsourcing major poll issue (The Hindu)... Remember folks: If you love your job, Vote Democrat!

2/18: Rage Against Offshoring Is Very Real (Fortune)... I could have told you that dopey, oh and the 'racist' thing doesn't fly with me either: it's about being able to provide for your family. Why should India be "Shining" with jobs created here? How about "America Shining"? I wish they'd offshore your bloody job and we'll see how "racist" your response is.

2/17: Political Timing, Outsourced (The New York Times, registration may be required)... "Gregory Mankiw, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, created a stir when he said the overseas outsourcing of jobs is probably a good thing in the long run" (and getting rid of Bush Co. wouldn't be bad in the short term!)

My favorite from Rules for Being a Republican is easily #7: Standing Tall for America" means firing your workers and moving their jobs to India.

Remember: If we're 'tax & spend liberals' then they're 'cheap labor conservatives'

2/13: Edwards attacks outsourcing: Leading Dems strike on Bush report advocating more job exports (WorkingForChange.com)... Give 'em hell John!

2/7: US politician Kerry calls outsourcing firms traitors (IndiaTimes)... And you know what? So do we: Outsourcing is Unamerican

2/7: Two legislators demand limits to offshore outsourcing (Minneapolis Star Tribune)... About bloody time.

2/7: (UK) Government intent on encouraging more outsourcing (Contractor UK)... I love England, but that is just insane! You want to get rid of more jobs? Again: At least we're not alone!

2/1: Critics cite the cost of 'offshoring' (MySA.com)... I got your cost right here: American Jobs. Duh.

1/29: U.S. Tech Workers Help Companies Export Their Jobs (Yahoo! News)... This is like asking someone to dig their own grave. Truly EVIL. (My advice? Do a bad job training your replacement)

1/29: Law limits offshoring of A-76 work (WashingtonTechnology.com)... Oh good, they can't outsource work for the Feds, but what about the rest of us? Doesn't matter: I wouldn't vote for Bush Co. if you paid me.

1/28: Offshoring 'will cost UK £5.7bn and 250,000 jobs by 2010' (Silicon.com)... I've said it before and I'll say it again: at least we're not alone!

1/28: 'Offshoring' meets its enemies (CNN Money)... Where can I sign-up as an official enemy of Offshoring? Are the dues? I'll pay

1/24: US may outsource 10-20% of IT jobs in 5-10 years (Business Standard)... Sweet Zombie Jesus, what is wrong with these people?

A MUST READ - 1/20: IBM to outsource thousands of euphemisms (The Register)... "Do not be transparent regarding the purpose/intent" of the moves, IBM advises, and 'on-shore' and 'off-shore' should never be used." Really? Well neither should IBM products. Assholes.

1/19: Sears CEO Alan Lacy sings praises of offshore outsourcing (Computerworld.com)... How about I sing the praises of Sear's competitors? Next time they have their "All American Sale" remind me to laugh. What a DICK!

1/16: Polls in US could put pressure on outsourcing: Nasscom (HindustanTimes.com)... Well let's fucking hope so!!

1/16: Overseas Outsourcing in India Generates Concerns (Sillicon Valley Biz Ink)... Just concern? Some people may not be taking this seriously enough.

1/15: Abbey and Axa jobs follow the path to India (The Guardian Unlimited)... "Unions warned yesterday of a 'stampede' of financial services jobs leaving Britain..." Stampede 1 : a wild headlong rush or flight of frightened animals; 2 : a mass movement of people at a common impulse

1/15: Techies Left Behind (New Haven Advocate)... My favorite line in the article:"There's no future here."

1/8: Tech firms defend 'offshoring' of labor as vital (StarBanner.com)... And I think keeping labor here in the US is vital.

1/5: Guess which jobs are going abroad : These days it's not just a desire to cut costs that's pushing employers to hire overseas. (CNN Money)... Here's a thought: If we outsource everyone, who exactly will be left to buy anything?

1/4: 'Offshoring' Trend Casting a Wider Net (the Los Angeles Times, registration may be required)... Outsourcing movement is defying conventional wisdom about what positions are immune from export, so don't believe the bastards when they tell you your job is safe (unless you're flipping burgers)

12/30/03: U.S. companies quietly moving more jobs overseas (Forbes.com)... "Quietly moving" them because they know they're wrong and are afraid of the backlash. We call them 'Traitorous cowards'

12/24/03: Outsourcing to Offshoring (Sify.com)... "Outsourcing by the US is assuming massive proportions" no kidding? Oy.

12/23/03: AOL quietly shifts staffing to India(ZD Net UK)... So much for "America" On-Line. 1 more reason not to use those bastards.

12/22/03: Offshore operation may not be money-saving move (the Seattle Times)... Awww, you tried to save a few bucks and it didn't work? Serves you right.

12/15/03: IBM Offshoring Plan Revealed (Internetnews.com)... So IBM is looking to send 4,700 jobs abroad? Well, I'm looking never buying anything IBM again (Fuck IBM: buy a Mac)

12/2/03: India's burgeoning call centres (BBC News Online)... I feel so much better that the Brits are doing this too: At least I know we're not alone

8/11/03: Top jobs will go to Far East (The Evening Standard)... This includes accounting jobs!