Work For State Jobs Agency Sent Overseas TBO.com (12/04)
More fun in FLA...

he state agency charged with finding jobs for Floridians has itself contracted for work that is being performed in India.

The revelation comes as Gov. Jeb Bush's ambitious outsourcing and privatization campaign is drawing scrutiny in the state Capitol, with at least one Senate committee preparing to examine more closely how the state farms out work to the private sector.


Records obtained by the senator indicate that the Agency for Workforce Innovation, formerly the state's Labor Department, contracted in 2001 with what is now HCL Technologies Ltd.'s Massachusetts operation to establish a one–stop computer system, consolidating and streamlining older systems.

In a letter to Campbell, HCL said work on the $6.6 million contract takes place at the agency site in Tallahassee with "some coding" done at HCL's offshore center at Mumbai, India.

The letter did not detail the extent of that work, and Rajiv Shesh, president of HCL Technologies (Mass.) Inc. wouldn't provide additional detail Friday.

The volume is not an issue to Campbell. "It's the total antithesis of what they're supposed to be doing," Campbell said.

Wait for it, wait for it...
Bush said he was unaware of the contract. He has stated that Florida should not outsource state jobs to foreign companies, but he said Friday, "The once-removed stuff is impossible in a global economy to deal with."


There are about 116,000 full–time state employees, down about 10,400 from when Bush became governor in 1998. He recently formed the Center for Efficient Government to advance the goal of privatizing state work.

Bush said Friday that the purchase of items including computers and vehicles involves secondary foreign labor. "We'll have to go back to peasant life in the 19th–century United States if we're going to eliminate the indirect aspects of globalization," he said. "We'll all just be farmers and we'll sell to our neighbors and life will be great."

DON'T KID YOURSELF FOLKS: Ol' Jeb won't be a "peasant farmer," he'll be (and, indeed, already is) a wealthy land–owner who owns you lock, stock & 2 smoking barrels. This is exactly what Bush Co. wants and Grover Norquist has said as much: they want to privitze everything (the first thing the did in Iraq and plan on doing in Cuba) and stick it to the common man.

But hey, we all know that what's really important is that the homos can't marry and women can't decide what to do with their own bodies.


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