Tale Of Two Christmases CBS News (12.18.04)

It's a Charles Dickens Christmas — a Tale of Two Economies.

High-end retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Tiffany are thriving, while discount chains such as Wal–Mart are suffering...

Well, we're really torn here: on one hand this clearly isn't good, but we're happy that folks aren't shopping at Wal–mart (SERIOUSLY: FUCKING STOP IT)

Recent sales figures from the nation's largest retailers underscore the growing gap between the haves and the haveRecent sales figures from the nation's largest retailers underscore the growing gap between the haves and the have–nots.

Wal–Mart missed its November sales numbers, posting a meager seven–tenths–of–a–percent gain over November, 2003. The company had expected 3 to 4 percent sales growth. City saw a 3 percent decline in sales last month, and K-Mart's sales are likely to drop 10 percent.

"You have wealthy consumers spending in unprecedented proportions and the cash and credit starved consumers are suffering," says retail analyst Burt Fleckinger of the Strategic Resource Group.

Ho Ho Ho, here's a lump of coal for you and a diamond for them! Welcome to George W. Bush's America! Ho Ho Ho!

But look on the bright side: Wal–Mart missed its sales goals! And we call that a good start...


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