Premium pay for networking skills on the rise Computerworld.com Australia (12.13.04)
A little good news perhaps? Perhaps...

A recent study from the US IT workforce research firm finds that an increase in hiring, retention concerns, disappointment with offshore outsourcing and high demand for IT consultants are all driving up skills pay for specific specialties.


"The remarkable part is that, at this time last year, these same skills groups were registering annual declines of 6% to 12%. It's a complete reversal and a clear signal that businesses are once again investing in their full-time employees," says David Foote, president and chief research officer for Foote Partners.

Well, they're investing in some employees at least...

In more good news for tech workers, Foote notes that drawbacks associated with offshore outsourcing are coming to light. "Offshore outsourcing has proven to be far riskier and tougher to succeed at than had been anticipated, in part due to employee retention issues, especially when workers tasked with knowledge transfer and vendor management are involved." As a result, companies are less inclined to outsource, and are focusing instead on ways to keep their top talent from bolting.

Yes, well we'll believe that when we see it.


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