Offshoring Creativity FastCompany (12.04)
I missed it but The Outsourcing Weblog didn'. Nice scary article for folks to read for themselves. Our favorite part? The last 2 paragraphs...

Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital, the hottest venture capitalist of the moment, visited Bangalore this year and told India's Economic Times, "The raw energy among Indian companies is just unmistakable." Although Sequoia has yet to invest in a startup based in India, it backs at least 35 companies with operations or footholds there. "Cost is clearly part of it," he said, "but what is more important is the extraordinary, educated, talent–driven workforce that constantly gushes from the Indian institutes. It's like Silicon Valley. As Silicon Valley developed over time, it attracted more skilled people and then more good things happened. And the same thing will happen for India."

Read Moritz's words again — "It's like Silicon Valley." We should find that a lot more threatening than Indian coders on H1B visas. The issue for America shouldn't be just the pros and cons of outsourcing grunt work. It should be investing in and cultivating our own "extraordinary, educated, talent–driven workforce" so the work of creativity and innovation isn't offshored as well.

Is the writing on the wall? We look around and, right now, see a country that is sliding backward into superstition and fear, a country that doesn't value its workers, creative thinkers or academics. We see a country at war with itself over issues that we'd thought long ago settled (but realize that this is all part of someone's plan to keep us distracted) and folks who aren't serious about doing what is right for this country and keep drinking the Bush Co. Kool–Aid (that means you "Morals Voter").


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