From Our "Hey, but at least the Homos can't marry" file:
Bush's second term & India's gains India Times (11.17.04)
Oh, you have to love this one! Here is another, huge lump of coal for America...

There is consensus that GWB Jr's win will push India's gains well beyond technology, and spill over into trade.

Indian techies and software honchos were seen laughing all the way to the vote banks they so assiduously helped to create for George W Bush Jr's (sic) win. Desperate to preserve and enhance the P/Es of their off-shore outfits, they knew just what would happen if democracy triumphed in the US in the form of the Democrats: with Kerry's opposition to software and BPO outsourcing his win would have drenched their balance sheets all a gory 'Heinz-red'...

Ho Ho, "Heinz Red"... that is Hilarious! But again, keep telling yourself the following: Jesus loves Bush and at least those Nasty Homos can't marry... Jesus loves Bush and at least those Nasty Homos can't marry...
Meanwhile, software exports to the USA have been growing at an annual 30%, with the USA alone taking 68% of the total. So, not only will India gain as GWB Jr will continue to be a free-trader, the gains will spill–over into other sectors and services. They should, even if he cannot have a third Presidential Term, given the way in which he majorly relied on India's service sector from the onset of his election campaign.

Reports, in fact, say that May 16, 2002 onwards HCL eServe deployed over 100 agents to solicit funds for Republicans for 14 months. The India–based BPO pulled out all stops and got contributions ranging from $5 to $3,000 from hordes of registered Republican voters. As for its getting the names of voters from such a distance, that was thanks to a database provided by the Republican National Committee (RNC), the party's premier political organisation.

That is how more than 10 million registered Republican voters were contacted, and well in excess of $10 million raised: all thanks to Noida and Gurgaon! And it happened even though the contract for running the campaigns was originally awarded by RNC to Washington, DC–-based Capital Communications Group – a networking outfit. The latter then sent it on, offshore, to India! HCL Technologies was then selected, for cost and efficiency gains.

Incidentally, no one in the US had any idea of where the calls were from as they had foreign accents: that was ensured by the advanced voice recognition and automation technology used.

Wait, wait: it gets better! (doesn't it always?)
So it is also clear that the new Bush Administration will be pro-active on the issue of visas. As Vivek Paul, Wipro VC, said after the Presidential poll, "The elections are over and so is the rhetoric; it will be easier for American corporations to step out with their outsourcing plans."

Now they're laughing at us because we were stupid enough to elect this man FOR THEM and we are still WHITE HOT ANGRY OVER IT. Like we said before the election: they were waiting for Bush to win so more companies could outsource. Vivek Paul had said that in speeches and now we're in for it.

But remember: at least there's lots of cheap plastic crap for you to buy with your McWages at Wal-Mart and the Homos can't marry. (see? STILL WHITE HOT ANGRY)


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