Forget India; outsource jobs to Arkansas
MSN Money (12.16.04)

Kathy Brittain White is on a mission.

White's goal is to find high-tech talent in the heartland. "I think of this as an integration of all that I am," she says.

Why outsource to India, she's decided, when you can outsource to Arkansas?

"I've always tried to look for solutions to difficult problems," White says. "So when all you see is we're losing jobs and there's no ready answer, I thought this was a great one."

She was chief information officer for Cardinal Health (CAH, news, msgs), the big drug distributor, and under pressure to send computer work overseas. But recalling her roots in rural Arkansas, she knew there was a better way.

So she left her job, trading the corporate jet for a rental car. With $2 million of her money, she created Rural Sourcing, an information technology contracting company that she claims can do the same work companies are sending overseas, for virtually the same price.

"It really does come very close," she says.

Yes, that's all well and good but STOP SHOPPING AT WAL–MART! Wal–Mart is just as bad for America as outsourcing is.

Now, this woman isn't replacing the high–paying jobs we're losing with similar high–paying jobs, but at least she's working to keep them in the US. We're sorta torn on this one. As always, readthe rest of the article and decide for yourself.


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