Cue the band and start marching? Salon.com (12/03)

"George W. Bush: Our Leader."

That message, stamped in looming letters alongside the president's smiling mug, currently graces several billboards in Orlando, Florida, along Interstate 4. Some images of the billboards were posted on Democratic Underground.com just before the Thanksgiving holiday, and have been making the rounds on the Web since. The billboards in question are controlled by media juggernaut Clear Channel Communications, and also carry a tag saying that the contents are a "political public service message brought to you by Clear Channel Outdoor."

Say what?

But at least some Floridians, as Byrne notes, find the billboard campaign to be more chilling than sunny:

"One Orlando resident penned a concerned letter to the Orlando Sentinel on Saturday. 'The first thing I thought was, when was the last time I have seen a president on a billboard?' wrote resident Dianna Lawson. 'Didn't Saddam Hussein have his picture up everywhere? What next, a statue?'"

Blasphemer! How dare this 'Dianna Lawson' question Our Fearless Leader and compare his majesty to the filthy Saddam? Has someone called Homeland Security to check this woman out immediately!


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