Customer patriotism could change US cos' offshoring plans The Hindu Business Line (9/30)

In a development that could pose problems for US companies offshoring jobs to low cost countries like India and China, a new study has found that 65 percent of American consumers would change their buying behaviour if they learned that a company with which they were doing business used an offshore call center, even if they were satisfied with its customer service.


The finding that 65 per cent of American consumers would alter their buying behavior toward a company if they knew or had the impression the business was using an offshore call center, regardless of the level of satisfaction the customer received from the call center experience should be a major concern for U.S. companies considering offshore outsourcing, the study said.

This response was found to be consistent across all call categories - high value calls (product information, purchases, reservation), low value calls (account or order status), technical support, and complaint calls., the study found.

We believe in the old adage that you gotta spend money to make money: we'd prefer to pay a few more bucks for goods and services knowing that money is going to be spent here in the U.S. by folks buying the goods and services we offer. When you find out you're dealing with folks offshore, let their managers know that you aren't happy. It worked at Dell.


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